Skip the Food Service Apps and Call Direct

Skip the Food Service Apps and Call Direct


While you’re making your decision regarding who will cater your event, consider going directly to local caterers. In recent years, service provider apps have become popular for finding professionals to cater your event.  At Creative Catering, we’re always happy to serve you, no matter how you find us. 

But there are a number reasons that going directly to your local caterer is best:


  • If caterers are forced to go through these apps, they have no choice but to raise their prices for these customers. 


As a customer, you don’t pay for the services of a service-matching app. These apps get paid by the service providers, like us. They take 20% or more of the total contract. If most of their clients begin to come through these apps, they would have to charge more to their clients to pay for these fees. 


  • These apps limit your choices and so you may be missing the perfect caterer for you.


Not every caterer will sign up for every service-matching app. You might be missing the perfect caterer simply because they aren’t on that particular app. As more apps enter the market, this is going to get even worse. By simply doing a Google search, like “caterer Worcester Massachusetts,” you’ll get lots of great professional options in just the first three pages.


  • These apps add more bureaucracy, but not necessarily more protection. 


It may feel that if you use these service-matching apps, they’ll be there to back you up if you aren’t happy with your event. If you read their Terms & Conditions, you may find that they will not play that role for you. You might still be on your own.


For all of these reasons it’s better for you to go directly to the caterer. Use Facebook, Google, ask your friends – find a great local caterer and you’ll have an amazing event! Visit our website at for menu and pricing! or call us direct at (508) 873-8093

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